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21 days of soul notesEverything you have experienced has been prologue
to this moment.

Your journey has brought you to here; a safe haven to explore your intuition, connect deeply with your own internal sense of Self, and embrace the possibilities of living life on your own terms. As you search, Gail Carruthers is your Spiritual Girlfriend—your guide in exploring a renewed sense of empowerment, fulfillment, and affirmation.

Gail offers real-world, practical guidance on becoming your best You. Her approach is based on years of experience as a certified mediator, certified trainer in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner, and training and certification in Akashic Records and Reiki (Level 2). She is also the founder of a children’s shoe company and part of a trans-racial family as mother to three internationally adoptive children.

Whether you listen to Spiritual Girlfriend on the radio or are looking for one-on-one Intuition Mentorship , you will find Gail’s methods empowering, self-effacing, and filled with practical truth that are applicable to daily life.

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