Notes from your Soul

21 days of soul notes

We all know we have a soul, we hear about it, and read about it, but how many of us actually experience it? There’s soulful music, rhythms that stir the soul, food that nourishes the soul and lyrics that touch the soul. But those are all  external stimuli we use for comfort. What does soul attention look like when we intentionally caress our soul?

It looks like and is Self Love. It looks like and is our attention turned inward to a place where the noise and chaos of our phones and busy lives are turned off. It is a place that we allow the voice from within to be heard.

Sound like a cliche? I know so lets try this another way. 

How good are you at trusting yourself? I mean really full throttle following your every hunch and gut reaction? How often do you listen and follow the direction without checking others for their option? How good are you at identifying and expressing your emotions and not just the happy cheerful ones but the messy and mean ones as well? How good are you at getting out of your own way with self absorbed denials, and defenses we use to keep the truth from reaching us? How good are you at staring down fear in your life so your soul has the room to live the life it came here to experience?  Souls already know all the answers to every question you will ever ask, and yet we are more likely to turn to pop culture for our answers then to listen to our internal self wisdom.

Your soul came here to do a job. To live a life and experience joy, laughter and yes heart ache. Our souls can not fully function without the opportunities to grow from forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance. Our souls can not grow unless we allow it the opportunity to live beyond fear, make mistakes and be forgiven for them. It’s a tricky business this soul business. It has all the answers and yet we stumble and fall throughout our lives making mistakes and injuring our hearts.


Because we live our lives from fear instead of truth. We live our lives from lack instead of abundance. We live our lives afraid to be different. So just for today try listening to the whispers that linger in the back of your head that keep trying to get your attention. The ones that actually whisper that something is wrong with XYZ…..(and whatever you just thought of, play closer attention to). Our souls are longing for us all to stop living life from such structured dysfunctional patterns that are repeated generation after generation. Patterns that fear change, fear differences, and fear inclusion. The voice of the soul will always choose hope over fear, love over intolerance and inclusion over separation. The rest is just all made up.

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