Your inner voice is speaking, but are you listening?

Voice and Fear

Our culture has a personality disorder. Yup, straight up our culture is in complete denial about who and what we as humans really are. We cling to chapter and verse of testaments written in another time, another era, under different values and yet hold them as universal truths for today.

We wage wars against others who dare hold an opposing opinion to ours all the while living by the fear and not the love of the very book we purport to follow. We will deny others their human rights, treat them as sub human, stripe them of their humanity all the while spouting the book of God, categorizing love that acts like fear.

Too many lives are lived shrouded in fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of being different, fear of being abandoned, fear of not being worthy, and fear of not being loved. When we surround ourselves with so much fear, walk in it, cling to it as a protective shield it becomes extremely difficult for who we truly are, loving spiritual souls to express our innate spirits. The voice of our souls are drowned by the cultural norms of defenses, defiance and excuses. Living small, believing we are separate solitary individuals, islands onto ourselves, blind us to the collective energy that binds us together.  All the while our spiritual voice of love, compassion, inclusion, and tolerance, is smothered and ignored.

There is an authentic voice speaking within your heart. You hear it every time you glimpse the energy of hope in an article on social justice, you gleam a corner of it, when your gut sinks when hearing verbal abuse and you see a flicker of it when witnessing humiliation of another. That voice is real. It is your soul speaking, trying to catch your attention above the din of chaotic noise that has become all to familiar in our lives. Your voice is always talking, always trying to grab your attention long enough to imprint itself over the labels of fear we refuse to release.

We do not have to live this way. We do not have to hid our magnificence from ourselves and the world. Your inner voice, your intuitive voice has been forgotten. Your intuitive voice has been stomped out and stifled for millennium and it’s time to turn inward and hear what it has to say. It holds the conversation of your soul, the blue print of what you are capable of achieving in this lifetime. What you are capable of experiencing and how far you can grow and stretch.

Our intuitive voice is aching to be heard, longing to break the cycle of fear that is handed down generation to generation. To stop us from continuing the destructive patterns of alcoholism, family dysfunction, emotional and sexual abuse of our children. None of these are of Love, they are of fear and only when we admit the cycle can we start to build new patterns in our lives.

Your intuitive voice only speaks from Love and will only guide you to act in love. No more excuses, no more defenses. Start now, right now by admitting fear has played to great a role in your life and allow the voice calling for forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance and compassion to be heard instead. Let it rise up over the denials that keep our ego protected from facing the truths of our behaviors. Let the voice of your soul be hear.

Photo: Rene’Aubry; La Grande Cascade.







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