Allowing our lives to evolve and change


Most people believe unexpected change like suddenly being fired from a job, an unexpected break up, or the sudden need to relocate are pretty scary occurrences to happen in our lives. To have change thrust upon us with out warning is terrifying.  They are, but want to know what is even scarier?

It’s scarier to initiate change that you know deep down you need to make. It’s scarier to face the reality of your life square in the face, head held high and admit A, B or C are no longer working. No longer satisfying. No longer acceptable. No longer productive. These are truly the scariest changes to face in life because we have to take the big gulp of self reflection first, and than wash it down with confidence and fearlessness to step outside of our comfort zone.

Make no mistake, there are many people who will choose comfort over conscious change.  There are many people who choose to keep their heads stuck in the sand so they don’t have to consciously admit their jobs, relationships, friendships,or routines are sabotaging their happiness and sucking the life out of them. Admitting the problems in our lives is a scary thing to do, because once the issues are exposed we are expected to fix them and really it’s just so much easier to ignore them push on and hope for the best.

Do you need to make some changes in your life?

That gut drop feeling you just had when you read the last sentence is your higher self answering your own question.

Pay attention.

This is the core of happiness, living an authentic life, a life of meaning, connection and involvement with the people, places and experiences your soul signed up to have in this life time.  When we choose to bury our heads, and ignore the issues that are undermining the journey our souls signed up to have, we are living a half life. We are settling for less then the full potential of our lives.

Getting to the life your soul is expecting to live is a scary journey, but I know for sure not living your authentic life is even scarier.







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