Alzheimers and the gift of Love without Caution

Love without Caution

Love without Caution

Lets face it sometimes the cards people are dealt in life just suck. Sometimes the deck seems stacked against our very happiness, against our sanity when one more grueling day seems utterly impossible. Caring for aging parents when they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease is a slow, physical, and mental death for the parent but if not careful, it can break the spirit of adult children caring for them as well.

With busy lives of their own, children, career, mortgages, bills, and or marriages to juggle adding the deteriorating needs of parents to the list can tip the scales into despair at best and depression at worst.

Seems funny though,  Alzheimer’s steels the memory of those afflicted but it also steels the beloved familiarity of their gestures, touch and recognition for their loved ones. We mourn their death before they ever actually physically die. My own mother lived with Alzheimer’s for years before her eventual passing muffled with confusion and fear.

The physical and mental boundaries of adult caregivers may be stretched but I also believe that our souls are experiencing Love without Caution.

We all have choices in life, no matter the situation to step up and help out, to hold, comfort, support, cheer, and grieve with our loved ones on their personal soul journey.

Alzheimer’s is a personal soul journey for our parents, when they wonder in and out of the conscious present moment, having glimpses of recognition of their former selves and lives. A soul journey ultimately grounded in the lesson of loosing personal autonomy and control in ones life.

When adult children allow themselves to love without caution in these circumstances they are releasing the expansiveness of their souls love. They are stretching the boundaries of love they are capable of holding, giving and ultimately receiving. For what you give you also receive. When we love without caution we love with abandonment, full out, without limits and without regret.

Never regret the love.

Our souls are here to express tolerance, compassion, love, comfort and joy. That’s our sole’s purpose. Our souls need to feel uninhibited and to love freely. Unrestricted by the fears of lack our human culture has created.

When we hesitate, withdraw or severe the emotional expression of love in our lives, our souls wither. The day to day challenges of caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s can be spirit crushing as we worry for their safety while mourning our own need to be nurtured. The role reversal is our souls calling to go within and find the reservoir of internal love and support the divine places within us . To detach from expectation and surrender to the fluidity of life.

Love without Caution feeds those soul needs. It allows our souls to express itself in the deepest most profound manner. The act of such love is what supports the hearts of our parents as their minds try to grapple with the warps in time between oblivion and recognition. Trying to make sense of what were once beloved surrounding and now only hold confusion and bewilderment. The gift we give to the heart and soul of both ourselves and our parents facing Alzheimer’s is the gift of Love without Caution.


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