birthing a new person Mentorship With Gail Carruthers

Change is a constant process

It’s almost a physical sensation bubbling up under the surface, whispering to you that the life you can feel – the life you’ve dreamed of living – is so close.

It’s exhilarating.

This new life is so full of promise, so packed with intentional actions that lead you to exactly the experiences you want to have, not just the ones you’re willing to settle for. In this life, you get to spend your time experiencing the creation of your soul and actively seek it out, not just react to what the Universe throws at you.

And it can be scary; really scary.

The pattern of fear surrounding this sort of growth and change is ingrained in our psyche. You’re not alone. There are so many people living deeply dissatisfying lives rather than the one their soul is here to create.

Remember that voice that’s been whispering all these years? The sensation you feel when you get close to real change? That’s your soul, your authentic self-vying for your attention. When we learn to connect within we are able to listen and when we listen we are able to engage our lives using our full power.

Who would you be and what would you do if you could be free of what’s sabotaging you?
What would be possible?

From a spiritual perspective, there are no limits to what is possible. The essence of  Intuitive Mentorship involves overcoming boundaries we place on ourselves, and removing our self-imposed limitations. This opens us to the infinite, where anything is possible, where you can truly create the life of your dreams. The process of intuitive unfolding is also holistic, embracing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You hold a deep reservoir of knowledge within your subconscious, that you hold the keys to accessing at anytime but which remains locked until you learn how to turn them.

With a Mentorship package, Gail serves as your guide to assist you in discovering what lies within you — under the shroud of sabotage, limits, and external expectations. Dispel and discard these falsehoods and reveal:

  1. Self-belief and understanding. When we understand ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we also recognize that we are magnificent individuals with infinite potential. With this discovery and recognition, life takes on new meaning.
  2. Taking control of your life. Most people are simply running on autopilot. They are living a life driven by what they have been taught to believe and what others expect of them. For your magnificence to blossom, you must shift your energy, and change course.
  3. Understanding your life purpose. Spiritually, each of us is here for a reason, with incredible talents and gifts to share. Learning about ourselves and learning to live in harmony with our life Purpose is a tremendous gift, and allows you to achieve your wants, dreams, and desires.

Getting started with a  Mentorship Package.

Group Intensive: Awaken your intuition.

A six-week group intensive that will take you on a fully guided exploration of your psyche, giving you access to everything your inner wisdom has to offer. You’ll learn to read the signposts along the path to your ideal life, showing you not only your dream destination but also teaching you how to steer your future, listening to—and understanding—the directions coming from your own intuition.


First Sphere (private)

You’re ready for the wave of change but don’t know which way it is coming or how deep the water is. You know it’s time for a deep, cleansing transformation, but you don’t want to be swept away and lost in the process.

4 Sessions

In this four session package, you’ll get:

  • Two 75 –minute Skype calls – one at the beginning of the package and one at the end.  We’ll take a dive deep into your life, discovering what lies under the surface and learning to hear the whisper of your intuition. With Gail, you will set up definite, practical plans of action so that the wave of change can wash over you but leave you standing on solid ground, with your intuition guiding you every step of the way.
  • Two 60 minute Skype calls in the middle of the package. These will establish and nourish your feedback loop to help you read the signs your intuition is showing you, as well as helping you to understand how following the path of your inner wisdom will transform your life.
  • Weekly email updates and affirmations to check the road map and make sure you’re staying on your path.


Second Sphere (private)

Your life is already humming along the right path but something isn’t working quite right. Issues pop up in your key relationships, or you are circling that ideal life but can’t quite find the on-ramp.


  • 75-minute Skype Discovery Session to develop a process for you to break down your barriers and take those last key steps.
  • 60-minute session to explore what your intuitive thought process, and how the practical application of this inborn wisdom has impacted your life as it’s been applied. Develop the feedback loop with your own intuition, listening to its direction and assessing how applying that wisdom has transformed you.