Double dog dare you to end the mediocrity.

leap off a cliff

I dare you to stop the mediocrity in your life. I dare you to admit the crowd you run with only slightly holds your interests. I dare you to admit there is more yearning in your soul to do, be and create.

Here’s the thing……

Everything in life has a best before date. Relationships, people, habits, routines, opinions, beliefs, patterns, and even grudges can have a best before date. No different  from the best before date we find on our food and medicine. What once nourished our bodies can turn toxic to our health.

The same goes for any other situation in our lives. There can be a best before date on everything, we just have to have the courage to admit to ourselves when that date is approaching or even past.

This doesn’t have to be a messy drama filled ending either. Seriously the drama needs to go.

What I am referring to is acknowledging the ending that needs to happen. You can identify them by the “should”s that begin the sentence when referring to this person or situation. What used to be an automatic enthusiastic “Yes please!“  becomes a, “well I should go, do, say, insert obligation here…….. . It becomes more of a drain then a lift.


Judges gavel

This is no judgement of the people or situations that used to hold our attention, they in themselves remain honored. Contempt is not required. What is required is an honest assessment of your internal emotional state. What makes you excited, holds your attention, uplifts you?  That is where your attention needs to focus. That is where your energy, time and resources need to be centered.

Sometimes our angst is about facing the reality we have simply out grown activities or relationships we once cherished. No different than out growing our pajamas when we’re six. There is no shame in discarding our now to small PJ’s. We have simply grown taller. The same happens emotionally and spiritually.

Other times though these situations are about realizing we were always a little uneasy, uncomfortable,  or off center with people, or situation but got stuck in the comfort of familiarity. We stay for so many reasons. Loneliness, running with the pack, needing to be accepted. We assume accepted associations are a better trade off than our uncertainty of where we fit.

But here’s the deal.

You can’t figure out what you want, when you’re engaged with what is not a complete fit for you. You can’t because there is no room for it to enter your life. Don’t be afraid to forge your own path and don’t be afraid to side step the pack.

Snowy forest

Dare to say No to the invitations that in the end no matter how excited others are actually bore you, or at least have stopped having meaning. Dare to stay in one night and cuddle with a book instead of heading out for the theater, another dinner party or another sporting event. Dare to tune into the yearning of quiet, intimate and refresh. Dare to grow and evolve as your soul is here to do.

I double dog dare you to reclaim yourself.




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