Meet Gail CarruthersWho is Spiritual Girlfriend?

I’m Gail Carruthers, the voice behind Spiritual Girlfriend online internet Radio show.

Why Spiritual Girlfriend?

Here’s the thing….to many of us live lives half fulfilled because we walk around feeling not good enough, smart enough, rich enough,  or accepted enough. (Sound familiar?) I know this because I’ve walked around feeling all of the above and it’s crap.

Frankly I want to change that.

I am a certified Mediator, and trainer in Alternative Dispute Resolution with certification in Adult Education. I am a Reiki Level 2 practitioner,  Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner (basically a psychic) and Akashic Records Intuitive. I’m also a medium. ( Yes I can connect with the departed)  I am also currently studying to become an Equine Learning practitioner and I own my own horse. Additionally as founder of Kazowe Shoes, Inc. I’m also an experienced businesswoman. Most significantly, I am part of a trans-racial family as adoptive mother to three children, from whom I have learned (and grown!) more than I have from anyone else.

What is Spiritual Girlfriend?

Through ongoing dialogue in the Spiritual Girlfriend blog and weekly radio show, as well as through Group Intuitive Tele- classes as well as one-on-one Mentorship Sessions, I help women access their own intuitive voice unleashing the audacity to live life by their own rules, holding their own space and power in the pursuit of more ideal, authentic lives.

Why “Spiritual Girlfriend”?

I believe that we are all spiritual beings, able to awaken our true nature by learning to read and understand the signposts in our lives. Here, women can explore the innate wisdom inherited by us at birth but so often ignored when the noise of the ego and the everyday interfere.
My goal for the community of women who come to Spiritual Girlfriend is to reconnect you with the deep intuitive wisdom you already hold within you. This wisdom opens you up to receive the underutilized feminine energies so crucial to balance the pervasive masculine energies in our world. Together, tapping into the sacred wisdom that’s always available for us, we’ll realize your inherent potential.

    • Like a good girlfriend, I share my insights, information, and resources.
    • Like a good girlfriend, I engage with you, and I know how to give and receive.
    • Like a good girlfriend, I realize that you are always growing – and I want to evolve along with you!

Throughout my own life’s ups and downs, I have learned to listen to my own voice and wisdom, even when it was overwhelmingly opposed. I firmly believe in our ability to evolve and grow in our understanding of ourselves and our inborn intuition, and I am most proud of the courage it has taken to see, admit, and heal my own emotional wounds, habits, and defenses.

You choose It's Up to youThe courage to look inside and be honest with yourself, to become the observer of your own patterns and triggers, is the catalyst for change. This awareness, combined with effective communication skills, tools, and strategies utilized in candid dialogue, is critical in facilitating this type of personal evolution. To this end, I bring all of the knowledge I have gained through my training and couple it with common sense wisdom to help my clients reach their goals and live on their own bold terms. I treasure the freedom that comes with developing healthy boundary skills, as well as discovering – and understanding – your triggers.

If you want your future to be different, it’s time to change your energy today. When you’re ready to unflinchingly face your future and begin traveling down the path to a more fulfilled life, check out my Angelic Mentorship Sessions for the one-on-one attention you deserve. I’ll help you understand processes for growth and how they work in your life, and together, we’ll forge a new direction.