Shredding Fear is the first step towards your best life.

Hi Girlfriends,

I thought it was time for me to share more about who and what spiritual girlfriend is. Well, I’m Gail Carruthers the inspiration and voice behind spiritual girlfriend. I am a long time lover of angels, intuition, following my gut and connecting to the whispers within, trying each day to live my life beyond fear. Yes Fear….that debilitating force that keeps us all so trapped in mundane jobs and mediocre lives. That force that blocks our path to finding and living from our truest highest self. Well I know fear all to well, and I know it is as much a familiarity in my life as chocolate and air, but I still work towards walking past it instead of sitting down for a coffee with it everyday.  That is the essence of Spiritual Girlfriend to help you walk past your fear and onward towards the life, job, relationship and friendships you want and deserve to have in your life. The problem though is that fear become so familiar  we stop noticing it’s even there, or explain fear away. We have become so used to the embrace of fear we forget how to live without it.  Well I would like to be the girlfriend that helps you recognize your fear, and than holds your hand while you rid yourself from it’s grip.  First up, tomorrow’s show…..Friday May 3nd…..I will do my show with out a guest and share some of my own stories on shredding the fear in my life. I used to have a logo up on Facebook instead of the my own picture and it was HUGE for me to switch them. Really!  And doing my show solo tomorrow is another but I  can feel the pull to do this. So the topic tomorrow……Fear, and how to move past it.

Listen live Noon EST here:

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