To Thy Own Self Be True – Shakespeare had it right.


This may be a famous Shakespearean quote but it rings as true today as it did 500 years ago when Polonius was advising his son. Finding our own truths has always been a challenge, with each generation pushing what is culturally accepted forward in the pursuit of actualizing their dreams and goals. Each generation chafing against customs, beliefs and patterns of old that felt restrictive to their young  sensibilities. Each generation sifting their inner visions through the prisms of cultural norms, seeing what gets stuck and what falls through. Each of us deciding what chunks of our inner visions fit our authentic selves and which ones don’t.

But what if you can’t hear your inner voice? What if you don’t recognize the voice trying to get your attention? The inner voice of a young man urging him to push through and take that drama course over the sensible calculus. The voice of a newly married bride who feels trapped, but stays for 20 unhappy years, or the voice of an accomplished professional who is content with his job, but who could have been joyous as a career chef. Our inner voice is the call of our soul, yearning to express itself a certain way.

Trusting that voice has always been our challenge  because our culture has no support mechanism to nurture this skill. We don’t recognize the random thoughts as the guidance they are, we simply push them to the back of our minds and ignore their pull. Even if we did recognize the voice, we will second guess ourselves right out of listening to it. We become paralyzed with fear, about moving beyond our comfort zone and stretching our life and our spirit.

How can you trust something that no one in your family or friends even acknowledges or recognizes? What is needed is a shift in perspective on how and why we have forgotten our inner voice, because it wasn’t always like this. We are a people who have forgotten who we really are, a spiritual being having a human experience. A spiritual being made of energy that can connect with all other energy in the cosmos, but who has forgotten how to fly. This is the great fall, the separation from who we truly are and who we truly can be . But with every fall, comes the strength to stand up once more and continue our journey as our whole selves.

Your inner voice is real and it’s urging you to follow your light.






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